et ready for the glasses-free-3D avalanche. Fresh off the success of Nintendo's 3DS game system, countless companies are hustling to market with their own takes on the tech. One we're actually excited about: the HTCEvo 3D Phone (price not set), which features a 4.3-inch glasses-free 3D display. And while it won't have the 3DS's preloaded stash of 3D games, the Android-powered device does feature a pair of 5-megapixel cameras for shooting 3D photos and HD video.

If you live online, the EVO offers a big, beautiful, and powerful window to the world. The first WiMAX phone in the U.S. is a terrific platform for streaming media and Web browsing, and it gets your laptop online with Sprint's 4G network.


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Three-dimensional motion tracking is the act of capturing motion data from actors and actresses. This is similar to filming a person moving around, but the difference is that, instead of footage that can only be played back, 3D motion tracking records the movements so they can be applied to 3D rendering programs.

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