Top Apps For Your Iphone Camera

Your iPhone4 may take great pictures on its own, but there are plenty of apps in Apple's App Store that can add cool effects to pictures, while others allow you to snap, add effects and share straight from the app.

If you're a filter junkie, don't pass up CameraBag, an app with a collection of 15 filters you can use to create different snapshots. You can also turn off cropping and borders in the options. We recommend turning off cropping, as the filters tend to crop into your images, leaving you to guess where to aim when shooting.

Typogr.am is a simple app that allows you to easily snap a pic, add a caption, apply some filters before sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. It's about as fuss free as you can expect an app to be. You can also shake your phone to randomize the settings.

This popular picture service allows you to easily take a picture, add filters and share it on Facebook, twitter, Flickr and other social media sites. You can also browse pictures uploaded by your friends and popular pictures from other users.

Color is a socially-aware app that allows you to take pictures that seem to magically float around where you are. If anyone snaps a picture near your location, those images start showing up in your app, though you are free to block the person if you don't want to see their pictures.