Motorola Flipout Opinie

Motorola has launched a new stylish Android handset. FlipOut, a square-shaped handset, has a swivel design. It slides out and reveals a QWERTY keypad with dedicated mjsic keys.The 2.8-inch touch display supports multi-touch and has a second microphone which improves call quality. Other feature this 3G-enabled device has includes built-in A-GPS, 3 MP camera and Adobe Flash Lite support for enhanced web browsing experience.it is no doubt Flipout has to go through a bigger test of its time when the market is full of smartphones.
To start with Motorola is offering a better than ever operating system with the phone by integrating Google Android Operating System 2.1 version which is said to be one of the most powerful mobile phone platform.The Motorola Flipout has a similar design as Nokia Twist -square in shape - but it is slightly smaller than the twist.
However, the main advantage with Motorola Flipout is its Android 2.1v platform on which the device runs its application that is faster, smarter and better than any other OS. The device is fully touchscreen and comes with QWERTY keypad for easy typing which the user can see by twisting the phone. It has a dimension of 67 x 67 x 17 mm and weighs just 120 gm.

2.8-inch capacitive display.
3 MP camera.
512 MB RAM expandable up to 32GB.
GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
120 gm; 1130 mAh Li-ion battery.