Zeus Android

the Zeus is neatly designed. It sports a decent capacitive display just below which two rows of keys are placed. The first row has four feather-touch keys for menu, home, search and back, while the LED-lit second row hosts the call answer and disconnect keys.
Easy to use, the responsive touch interface made typing long mes­sages and emails simple. The homescreen is divided into multiple panes and is customisable. The no­tification bar at the top is divided into two: system for accessing date, time and connectivity, and for notifications. Although, it operates on Android v1.6, it will get the more recent Android v2.1 upgrade in the coming days. Powered by a 600 MHz processor, it smartly manages to take on the functional­ity of a smartphone and checking emails and web browsing was a nice experience. It has a powerful battery, yet a spare battery along with an 8GB expandable memory are also included in the pack. That double security, for sure.

Tech Specs: 3.2-inch display; 5 MP camera; GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi; 1230 mAh battery