Manage media on Android via WMP

Windows Media Player makes syncing music, videos, and pictures to your Android phone or other device a snap ANDROID DEVICES sync easily to Windows Media Player Here's how.
*connect your Android phone to your PC.
*dialog box will prompt you to install your phones drivers.
*Run the installer to load the drivers that Windows needs to sync with your device.
Android Control Panel:
Your phone's control panel will contain several options for handling files:
*Manage media on your device.
*Import pictures and videos.
*Browse files;and 'Change general settings.

Windows will automatically select the default apps for managing music and photos, but you can change them if you want to just by clicking Change program under each option.
Import image files:
To import videos and photos from your phone s camera,
*double-click Import pictures and videos:Windows will automatically search your phones camera roll.
*click OK to start the import.
*Check the box to delete the files from your camera, or leave it unchecked to keep them.
*When all of the files are imported, an Explorer window will open to show you what you've transferred.


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