Nokia X7 _ if nokia X7 > X6,X5,X3

 The X7 is Nokia's first full touch smartphone.The X7 runs a new version of Symbian, called Anna brings much-awaited changes. New better-looking circular icons, faster web browsing (with Flash) and a portrait QWERTY keyboard.the X7 looks different with its angular design. Grills on the corners add to the design element (the bottom grills actually hide the speakers). The non-removable back cover has resulted in the need for SIM and memory card slots on the side.The volume control and camera key are on the right panel with a 4-inch capacitive display dominating the front. Start the phone and you are prompted for the Nokia account details logs into all the Nokia services. Similar to Symbian 3, the homescreen here is divided into three customisable windows.An icon at the right bottom gave access to a plenty of features like bookmarks, windows, history, feeds, send link, settings, etc. It comes with two HD games, Asphalt 5 and Galaxy on Fire. The gaming experience was good and more games can be downloaded from Ovi Store.don't forget Ovi was one of the first platforms to get Angry Birds (after iOS, natch).

Nokia's cameras have been hard to beat for a long time,the phone has an 8 MP camera but with a fixed focus. It also has a dual LED flash and features such as face detection and 720p videos,It supports expandable memory up to 32 GB and an 8GB card comes with phone.Unfortunately, and unlike the N8, there's no HDMI-out for watching them back on your TV.The screen is AMOLED, meaning it should be bright enough for the odd movie or game, but with a resolution of 640x360 it's not going to challenge the iphone's 960x640 Retina Display.


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