Vodafone Blue 555 _vodafne 555

Designed in collaboration with Facebook, it is crafted out of matte silver and white plastic and sports a 2.4-inch display and QWERTY keypad.Except for an 'f' key placed on the bottom right, there isn't any Facebook branding on this device. Turing on the Blue 555 reveals a Vodafone logo but the homescreen is domi­nated by the social networking site. The homescreen is the FB status update bar. At the bottom of the display is a row of short-cuts including FB friends, FB news feeds, favourites, etc. and is customisable. The f key lets user access the FB stream that looks similar to the updates from friends that shows up on the FB homepage. By hitting op­tions, you can directly post a picture on the wall. When scrolling through friend's feed, the options allow user to download images (if any], comments, likes, send message, call friend, view friend profile or even use URL. Most of the FB features are accessible from the homescreen.

Tech Specs: 
2.4-inch display;
2 MP camera;
40 MB internal, 
16GB expandable storage; 
EDGE, Bluetooth; 
1000 mAh battery


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