Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer

 Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer TF101 is unique because it is the only device here to ship with a docking station as standard. Asus says the dock allows you to ‘transform’ the tablet into a fully-fledged netbook. We’re pleased to reportthat with the tablet dockedthe Transformer becomes a
useable netbook. The dock’skeyboard is great to use andrather than just using a QWERTY keyboard, Asus has replaced the function keys with hotkeys that enable you to scoot around
Honeycomb with ease. The dock includes an additional battery too so you can extend the tablet's
battery life to a total of 16 hours. In testing we found the Asus, when docked,gave a battery life of 14hours. This figure dropped to a still very strong eight and a half hours when we used the tablet on its own.Our only issue with the dock is that the trackpad and its buttons can be a little frustrating to use.Tracking isn’t always spot on and you have to click on either the extreme left or right side of the single trackpad button to generate a left or right click.
The Asus is one of the better looking tablets in this test and we absolutely adored the screen. It simply refused to retain fingerprints or smudges and generated the best visuals here by far. As a result the Transformer was able to deliver the best overall user experience in this round-up.
It's definitely a viable alternative to the iPad 2.


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