S8600 wave 3

The Wave 3, with the Bada OS, is a typical Samsung device: it boasts a 4-inch bright capacitive touch display with just a single physi­cal key below the screen.Unlocking the homescreen makes it look similar to Android smartphones. Long pressing the icon in the main menu allows users to drag them in any of the home-screen windows. A notification bar can be dragged from the top-it shows settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sound and Vibration and auto rotation and also notifies pending calls and messages. Emails, social hubs, Chat on, Google, Voice Cmd, Caster, desk clock, Orkut, are a few apps that are preinstalled on this phone and more can be downloaded from the Samsung App Store. But even now, Bada doesn't have a wide range of apps. The Polaris Office lets one open documents and edit them as well. It has a music player and video player on board, but the sound is just about aver­age. The 5 MP camera captured de­cent images. On a positive note, Samsung has added a 1.4 GHz proces­sor that makes it operate quickly.

Tech Specs:
4-inch display;
Bada OS, 5 MP camera;
4 GB memory, expandable to 32 GB;
3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;
122gm;1500mAh battery


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