Samsung ES8000 Led

 Whal makes this new range of 2012 Smart TVs smarter than before is the total evolution of user experience and integrated content with Smart Interaction and Smart Content. No longer is the TV just a feast for the eyes; Smart Interaction offers a unique and natural approach of operating a Samsung Smart TV. Instead of just pushing buttons on a remote, you navigate the Smart TV either through Voice Control commands or hand gestures with Motion Control. If you absolutely need a remote, its new Smart Touch Control device lets you perform regular tasks quicker than ever. What's more, the ES8000's built-in camera supports Face Recognition for an added convenience of automatically logging on to Smart Hub and Skype. The flagship model of Samsung's Slim LED TV Series8. the ES8000. showcases the best of Samsung's One Design philosophy for a stylish and ultra minimalist design approach. With the ES8000. the bezel and display panel arc seamlessly combined, and the gorgeous Arch flow Stand design completes its premium look. Powered by a Dual Core processor, you'll be experiencing lightning fast web and app performance, with greater multitasking functionality on your Samsung Smart TV. Under its hood, the ES8000 boasts of Micro Dimming Ultimate, combining special algorithms and scanning technology that deliver the sharpest and richest 3D images, filled with vivid colors and enhanced contrast ratios.