With E7 nokia again shows it excel a at hardware design.E7 has a lot in com-mon with N8,not the least the overall design concept.You find the same aluminum body,plastic end caps. and curved design language. It's a good-looking smartphone that feels high quality.

This handset combines all of Nokia's current strengths and weaknesses. Made from anodised aluminium, it's a well-constructed, chunky slider wich a full QWERTY.
Those elements have a reassuringly old-fashioned feel to them.
Giving less of a warm, nostalgic gIow are a 680 MHz processor that's noticeably slower than rivals, giving sluggish muIti-touch, and an operating system that feels archaic next to Android, iOS or WP7- Symbian is not a pleasure to use, and the range of apps at the Ovi Store remains of lower quality and quantity than at Android Market or the Apple App Srore.
The four-inch screen's resolution is only 64ox36o, so movies lack the detail of the Incredible S or iPhone 4. Being AMOLED, it does produce excellent contrast areas and off-angle viewing, however.
Nokia has kept the microUSB port, to which you can connect USB flash to access files from, another functionality inherited from the N8. This port is now abo the only way to charge the E7 since Nokia removed the classical 2mm charging plug.

The camera is a very respectable 8-megapixel, which also supports HD 720 recording.Although not as detailed and sharp as photos from E7 are still competitive with most other phones. The main difference is the lack autofocus in the E7 and the big lens and sensor in the N8, which makes photos and video stand out in terms of quality.

However with its other deficiencies,including a battery that needs charging every night, the E7 is hard ro recommend to anyone other than die-hard Nokia fans.


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