After blowing us away at CES, the Motorola Atrix gained the coveted top spot.First and foremost it's a powerful, dualcore smartphone. Add a series of docks, however.and it becomes a multimedia hub, or even a 11.6-inch laptop,You can also "transform" it into an alarm clock, but maybe that's not quite so cooL
Solid and well built, the Atrix runs Android 2,2 (Froyo) and exudes a restrained air of competence and power, a bit like a top-class bodyguard, It dresses all in black like one, too. The four-inch, 960x540 touchscreen is responsive, bright, with bold colours, There's less fine detail than on the iPhone 4, but the slightly larger size and very pure whites do go some way towards making up for that.
The dualcore processor means it never feels slow, You can quickly swap between open browser windows, maps, games and video playback without it batting an eyelid, At the moment there aren't rnany garnes or apps that make the most of the extra processing oomph, but that should change.
Another plus is Motorola's Motoblur, which adds very neat integration with your social networks, as well as some handy apps,
Doch the Atrix in the Lapdockor HDMI-connected Multimedia Dock, select the Webtop mode and things get seriously next-gen. On the bigger screen, app shortcuts are arranged along the bottom. You can also add bookmarks or web apps; settings are accessed in the top corner.
lf you prefer something more familiar, Mobile View displays a rnini version ofthe Atrix's home screen, There, you can click any app as normal and use phone features including calls - a pop-up box indicates an mcoming call and you get decent call quality through the mic.

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