Android 4.0 is codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich

The next iteration of Android, scheduled for this winter, aims to bring the OS back from the brink of fragmentation by merging features from the mobile (Gingerbread) and tablet (Honeycomb) platforms.The overriding design theme will be based on Honeycomb's vector-like holographic look, with the slick task switcher and new resizable widgets from 3,1 taking centre stage. USB hosting support will be built in  and ail of the new NFC skills from 2.3.4 will be available across the board. Perhaps most exciting is that it'll end issues over app compatibility: If it works on a phone, it'll work (and work properly) on a tablet screen. Coupled with Google's pledge to keep all new Android devices from major manufacturers up to date for at least 18 months from their launch
(hardware permitting), it's just what Google needs for its OS to go stellar.


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