Asus PadFone: Phone or Pad?

Asus has given birth to a laptop with a mobile nestled in its guts.Asus' Android-powered Padfone is the gadget equivalent of Newcastle's most famous sons. Can the mutant parasite be separated from its host? Well... yes. currently just a prototype, is built round a four-inch Android smartphone. Only when you dock the4.3ìn smartphone with the 10.1 tablet a _ten-inch slate_ vessel does it start to fully make sense, with the tablet sharing the phones processing power, operating system, 3G connection, apps and content. Also There's no computing power in the tab. although there is a front facing camera. Instead, it'll borrow and visually amplify what's on your phone. In return, it charges the phone's battery. Of course, without the phone the tablet is pretty much useles.


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