It’s now clear that Android has moved well beyond Apple on the innovation scale when it comes to mobile software.

Steven Paul Jobsreckons there are 200 new features in the latest version of his mobile OS, and the ones he's revealed thusfar are seriously impressive. If you want to know what the iPhone 5 will be able to do when It launches later this year, listen carefully...As well as the iPhone 5, iOS 5 will work on iPhone 3GS and 4, both iPads and the last two generations of iPod Touch.
With the introduction of notifications, OTA updates, tabbed browsing, cloud services, a mobile IM program, and the ability to activate a device without having to connect to a PC, With iOS 5 your iPhone will no longer rudely interrupt you every time it wants to tell you something. Instead there's an Android-esque menu for new texts, emails, Facebook friend requests, and more, which you access by dragging dow.
Books and magazines aren't grouped together on the same 'shelf in Books any more. Digital mag and newspaper apps now live in Newsstand, which alerts you when a new issue has arrived. Who needs a paperboy?n from the top of the screen. With iOS 5 you won't need a PC or Mac to use your IThing;you can activate it wirelessly and download updates over the air. Wi-Fi syncing means that if you do want to pair it with a computer, it does so wirelessly every time you plug it into a power source.


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