Apple..... ICLoud SERVICE

Apple's new ICLoud service replaces MobileMe as your on-the-go data access option. You get a me.com email address that can be used to sync email, calendars and contacts between your iPhone.
*Music, 1.000 photos, apps.documents.Books. contacts,email and  calendars.
Any books or apps you buy from the App Store are squirrelled safely away by iCloud. It saves documents, too,so you can start work on that presentation on your iPad and add the finishing touches when you get home on your desktop.
*Macs and iOS 5. Windows users get photos and some basic features only;

iCloud automatically backs up the picture and pushes it out to all your other iCIoud-enabled devices, with the last 1000 always available via the Photo Stream.
*iTunes Match lets you push 25.000 tracks in your library to be shared through iCloud
Halfway through reading something online? Safari on iOS 5 has a Reading List that you can save to iCioud to read later on your iPhone, iPad or computer.


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