New ios5 features

At first glance iOS 5 doesn't look new, but there are small signs: rounded sliders in menus, an optional split keyboard and tabbed browsing in Safari for iPad users. Twitter is now integrated, so you can share things from within the stock Apple apps. And it feels slicker and more responsive on devices new and old.
Siri is a new voice recognition feature which is built into iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. Siri’s features, which offer users the ability to almost have a conversation with your device, will be exclusive to Apple’s iPhone 4S, with all current hardware left out in the cold.When Siri isn't taking the metal mickey, it's setting reminders, connecting you to your chums, and launching apps and searches.
Store heaps of photo,and a smattering of other files on Apple's servers. You now have more storage space freed up, and access,to your files via Wi-Fi or 3G.Remember when losing a phone meant losing everything?No more: iCloud automatically backs up photos, videos,music, contacts, messages , and syncs them across your iOS devices and computers.
No more pop-ups! The new notifications tab keeps you up to date on emails, tweets, calendar alerts, etc.Previously, alerts would sledgehammer their way to the front of the screen, and they'd require your input to leave again. Now, they flash up discreetly in a bar at the top of the screen; if they're not urgent, ignore them and they'll vanish in a few seconds.The pull-down screen offers salient info on your agenda and communications,and you get to choose how your favourite apps can disturb you.
To see them all, swipe down from the top edge to reveal the Notification Centre. As well as messages, calls and mails, you can set apps to appear too - you get Weather and Stocks by default, but you can add Facebook or even Angry Birds if you want.
you can spend less time sitting in front of it Contacts, music and photos all sync automatically over Wi-Fi, and even firmware updates beam down over the air.Note that the iPhone/ iPad has to be plugged into the mains for Wi-Fi syncing to automatically occur; you can force it while running on battery from the Settings menu.
Free texts for everyone, forever. Nothing to learn,nothing to sign up for and no special a pp to use.Perhaps responding to the several popular free messaging apps atop the App Store, iOS 5 users can now talk to each other for free with no additional software required. Type the recipient's name into the Messages app, and the OS will check it against Apple's servers. If it's found, the Send button turns blue and your message is sent over your data connection. If it isn't found, the button stays green and it's sent as a normal charged text.


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These listed applications are fantastic and very easy to use. Siri is one of my favorite application because it works very easy and search anything quickly.iMessenger also give the users to send messages to everyone.

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