Create a YouTube Photo Slideshow

*Click the Photo button
*browse for some images to add
*The slideshow will appear in the window.
*Click the pencil icon  to rename it
*click the 'add audio',To add a soundtrack,choose the music to use.
*To edit the slideshow, click the filmstrip button.
*Click Play  to preview the slideshow.
*You can toggle the panorama (pan/zoom) mode on or off
*click the Edit button
*add and delete pictures, and change their order.
*You can adjust the duration that photos are shown for by clicking the Interval link.
*Click OK to save the changes.Save option at the bottom of the screen.
To upload the slideshow to the internet:
*select YouTube  and log in with your Google account details.
*You can make the video private if you wish. 
*Click Upload  to post the show to the site.