Windows 7 Taskbar Shortcuts

The Taskbar in Windows 7 has a lot more features than previous versions of Windows. If you click an icon in the Taskbar, Windows will either switch to the window or minimise it, depending on whether it's at the top of your Desktop or not. Press Shift and click the icon to open the program in a new window. You can click the middle button on the mouse to do this, too. Try it with Explorer or Internet Explorer. If you left-click a Taskbar icon and drag it upwards, the Jump List menu is dragged onto the screen. You can then select an item from it.
If you have several programs open that have Taskbar icons, hold down the Windows key and press T to cycle though thumbnail images of each one.Right-click an icon in the Taskbar to shows the Jump List menu, or hold down the Shift key and right-click for a window menu. To run a program as an administrator, hold down Shift+Ctrl and click the icon in the Taskbar.