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Video calling upgrades

ICS will have not jusl face detection but voice detection In video calls. If there's more than one of you on your side of the video chat, the OS is able to automatically zoom in on the person talking. It can also apply hilarious' effects to faces and overlay avatars. Do people actually do that stuff?

Glasses-free 3D talents

Rather than shoehorning expensive specialist screens into Android hardware, Google has built support for head-coupled perspective (HCP) 3D into ICS. HCP uses your device's front-facing camera to track your head's movements, and constantly adjusts the image to create a 3D effect. Check out HCP 3D at tinyurl.com/amazingi3D, or download the clever (and free) iOS app,I3D.
O-click sharing

Tnisis the big one. Using NFC, this will allow sharing of contacts, links and media just by touching devices. If you're watching a YouTubc video on your phone, tap it on your tablet and the vid will pick up where you left off. If you want to game with a fellow Android user, touch devices and they'll download it and join you in moments. You can get a taste now with Bump (free, IOS, Android), which does much of what O-click will do: bump' two devices running the app, and contacts, photos, music and apps are shared via the 'net (rather than direct, as O-click sharing will).


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