Anna Update

Anna? who? in the tech world, "she" is Symbian Anna, one of Nokia's latest software updates that further refines the Symbian A3 platform.  Anna available for download on high-end Symbian devices such as the Nokia N8, NOKIA C7, Nokia C6-01, and Nokia E7. we take a quick look at what else the update has to offer on our N8 handset.
Anna Look
Anna comes with a set of redesigned icons that bring a fresh look to the Symbian interface.
Browser Tweaks
To further streamline the Internet experience on Symbian Anna phones, there have been changes made to the built-in browser (v7.3). Users can now easily make quick changes from a comprehensive shortcut menu. Note the back button at the bottom - this allows for easier browsing.
qwerty  keyboard N8
Part of Anna's improvements is the inclusion of a virtual QWERTY keyboard, both in portrait and landscape mode. Nonetheless, users still have the option to fall back onto the old school alphanumeric keyboard if they need to.
3D Video Mode and Check-ins on Ovi Maps
Anna also features refinements made to an enhanced Ovi Maps(v3.06) . These include better search functionality, new public transport routes and a 3D view mode. From here, you can also check-in to favorite geo-social network sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.


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